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Jessica Kurtzman

Recent Posts by Jessica Kurtzman:

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 10/19/21 3:15 PM

As a leader, getting to know your employees is important. There are plenty of ways to show genuine interest in your people, and they'll give your employees a reason to …

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Topics:Employee AppreciationEmployee ExperienceOrganizational Design

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 10/12/21 3:38 PM

Regardless of a company’s organizational structure, managing teams in different geographic regions can present huge challenges. Your organization must possess a top-notch communication strategy, and the team members should be …

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Topics:CultureLoyaltyPerformanceEmployee Rewards

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 10/4/21 9:09 AM

According to the theory behind the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, everyone has a natural leadership style. This natural style that correlates with their personality type allows some to be …

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Topics:CultureWorkplace TrendsLeadership

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 3/9/18 3:33 PM

Organizations work hard to ensure they are bringing in the best talent, spending countless hours and resources interviewing, training and onboarding. Losing this talent, having the employees ‘check-out’, feel under …

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Topics:Employee EngagementLoyaltyWorkplace TrendsOrganizational Design

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 3/2/18 3:21 PM

Those in leadership positions are always striving to better their employees. One great way to help better your employees is to utilize an employee recognition program. COOs benefit in many …

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Topics:Employee RecognitionWorkplace Trends

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 2/23/18 3:09 PM

How can you help your employees brace for change? When changes within the organization come, some team members may be more receptive to the change than others. In order to …

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Topics:CultureEmployee AppreciationEmployee RecognitionEmployee Experience

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 2/23/18 3:07 PM

All those in leadership positions strive to meet their targets and goals, especially when it comes to their employees. These leaders should know how a recognition program can help them …

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Topics:CultureEmployee Recognition

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 2/16/18 2:30 PM

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, are helping propel companies to be able to find top talent, faster. This does not necessarily mean that AI is a substitute for a human in …

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Topics:CultureEmployee RecognitionMillennialsEmployee ExperienceWorkplace Trends

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 2/15/18 5:07 PM

How do you know your employees are really happy at work? They may say they are in a employee survey or questionnaire, but you will get true insight through your …

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Topics:CultureEmployee AppreciationEmployee RewardsEmployee Experience

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 2/9/18 2:03 PM

If your office considering changing to an open office, you may have to make some changes in the way you are able to focus. Studies have found that changing the …

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Topics:CultureMillennialsWorkplace Trends

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