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by Jessica Kurtzman, on 8/30/17 11:06 AM

Employee recognition programs have been proven to boost employee engagement, which is linked to higher productivity, lower turnover, and increased profitability. But makes a recognition program successful? Recognition programs can …

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Topics:Employee Recognition

by Rachel Reed, on 8/23/17 10:50 AM

New-age perks like the omnipresent beer fridge, ping pong tables, and flexible hours of tech startups have begun to bleed into the workplaces of seasoned, traditional corporations as a result …

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Topics:CultureEmployee RecognitionMillennials

by Rachel Reed, on 8/16/17 11:33 AM

Cryus the Great was the first to motivate employees using employee recognition. He held ceremonies rewarding construction workers for their hard work in building the Jerusalem Temple in 538 BC …

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Topics:CultureEmployee AppreciationEmployee RecognitionEmployee Rewards

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 8/9/17 5:36 PM

Do you feel that your employees seem motivated when they first begin working, then begin to falter as time goes on? Here are six ways to motivate employees: Research from …

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Topics:Employee Appreciation

by Rachel Reed, on 8/1/17 4:55 PM

The newest term circulating around the HR industry is the “employee experience”. It’s not just about employee engagement, which, while proven an important factor to consider, is difficult to foster …

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