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by Rachel Reed, on 1/30/19 4:44 PM

Employee Appreciation Day is March 1, 2019. Employee Appreciation Day is an important day for employees. Celebrating this nationally recognized holiday not only lets employees know their employers appreciate them, …

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Topics:Employee AppreciationEmployee Recognition

by Rachel Reed, on 1/24/19 9:20 AM

The future of human resources is bright, confusing, and very digital. Here’s a look at five popular HR trends for 2019 that look less like trends and more like reality: …

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Topics:CultureEmployee EngagementEmployee Wellness

by Rachel Reed, on 1/16/19 2:03 PM

Millennials make up more than one third of the US labor workforce. According to Gallup, around three in ten millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are very often or always …

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Topics:Employee EngagementGenerations

by Rachel Reed, on 1/10/19 10:53 AM

As society evolves along with innovation, our innate need for physical activity is gradually diminished. The nature of our work is increasingly mental, requiring hours of sitting for concentration, essentially …

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Topics:Workplace TrendsEmployee Wellness

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