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Defining Employee Happiness at Work

2/15/18 5:07 PM

How do you know your employees are really happy at work? They may say they are in a employee survey or questionnaire, but you will get true insight through your employees actions. The following are 10 behaviors are happy employees.

  1. They establish friendships with their colleagues
    • Happy employees are more comfortable at work, and it only makes sense that employees that intend on sticking around take the time to invest in building relationships with their colleagues.
  2. They participate in after-work events
    • Employees who engage with co-workers after-hours and demonstrate general interest in the company are typically reflecting happiness within the organization.
  3. They show up to work early
    • If employees are making the extra effort, it shows they care!
  4. They make an effort to conserve company resources
    • When employees are happy and truly invested in a company, it shows that they care about the company’s wellbeing
  5. They keep their work area tidy
    • Employees who voluntarily keep the workplace clean are more than likely happier in their positions than employees who don’t.
  6. They are energized at work
    • Unhappiness can drain a person’s energy, and their unhappiness at work could affect other parts of their life such as relaxation time.
  7. They have an optimistic attitude
    • Happy employees are optimistic about the organization’s future
  8. They offer suggestions to better the organization
    • They’re enjoying their work enough to improve your company’s future- which is tied to their own future!
  9. They talk about their long-term goals within the company
    • They seeing themselves being part of the company long term, and want to stick around.
  10. They want to learn more about the company

When your workers are happier, they’ll work harder for you, and stay committed to you longer. If you can learn to recognize the signs of dissatisfaction and unrest, you’ll be able to quickly restore your employees’ well-being in the workplace.

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