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by Luke Kreitner, on 1/30/24 9:00 AM

A well-designed incentive compensation plan can serve as a powerful motivator and catalyst for success across pharma sales teams. To ensure the effectiveness of the incentive plan, it is important …

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Topics:Employee RewardsPharmaceuticalsSales Incentives

by Luke Kreitner, on 1/23/24 8:00 PM

The global revenue of the pharmaceutical industry is expected to triple in size worldwide over the next decade. In light of the growing trend of remote work, the need for …

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Topics:PharmaceuticalsLearning Management PlatformWorkplace Culture

by Luke Kreitner, on 1/16/24 1:00 PM

The Pharmaceutical industry relies on groundbreaking research and the dedicated professionals who drive it forward. From researchers and scientists to regulatory experts and support staff, these individuals make innovative discoveries …

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Topics:Employee AlignmentRecruitmentPharmaceuticals

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