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How Personality Types can Affect Leadership at Work

10/4/21 9:09 AM

According to the theory behind the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, everyone has a natural leadership style. This natural style that correlates with their personality type allows some to be better leaders than others.

According to research at CPP, Inc, the majority of those in leadership positions worldwide exhibit preferences for Thinking and Judging (versus Feeling and Perceiving).

According to Linda Kirby and Katharine D. Myers:

  • characteristics associated with “Thinking” include being analytical, solving problems with logic, being reasonable, fair, and tough-minded.
  • Judging types are described as organized, systematic, and appreciative of decisiveness.

Which personality types work best as leaders?

ENTP (Extroverted + Intuition + Thinking + Perceiving)

This personality type can be described as energetic, analytical, enthusiastic, and theoretical. They tend to thrive at solving problems through creativity. They make great leaders because they also work well with others, in a variety of different fields such as business, art, or media.


ESTJ (Extroverted + Sensing + Thinking + Judging)

This personality type can be described as people that are logical, assertive, decisive, and results-oriented. They make great leaders because they are natural-born leaders through their tendency to take charge. They are able to work in a diverse variety of industries.


ENFJ (Extroverted + Intuition + Feeling + Judging)

Their personality type can be described as social, warm, passionate, empathetic, imaginative, and charismatic. They have strong humanitarian values and do best in positions that allow them to help and support others. They make great leaders because they tend to have great communication skills and enjoy working with people.


ENTJ (Extroverted + Intuition + Thinking + Judging)

Individuals with this personality type are organized, critical, and logical. They enjoy planning and are very career-driven. Those with this personality type are also exceptionally hard workers, making them great leaders.

Having insight into your employee’s personality types will certainly help you guide them to what type of role and environment best suit them.  Embracing each person’s diverse personality and acknowledging these differences will allow us to be our best and most productive selves.


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