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Why CMO's Should Consider Employee Recognition

2/23/18 3:07 PM

All those in leadership positions strive to meet their targets and goals, especially when it comes to their employees. These leaders should know how a recognition program can help them achieve the company’s as well as their personal goals.

Building a culture around recognition can give your organization a competitive advantage against others. Executives of all types have been becoming more aware of how much power recognition can have in keeping employees happy, as well as committed to the company.  

CMOs are responsible in figuring out how to affect the marketplace outcomes in financial terms. It’s  not always enough to have the right product or service. The CMO must create a culture within their organization that supports their employees, including implementing employee recognition programs.

Employee recognition drives more enthusiasm and workplace engagement

Sometimes leaders can be great at what they do, but some have little idea how to utilize recognition as a positive tool with their employees.

The bottom line is, CMOs must recognize that their employees are proactively protecting their brand. Through employee recognition stems reinforced customer mindsets, employees that are promotional ambassadors for the brand, resulting in a stronger organization as a whole.

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