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by Caitlyn Pittman, on 9/25/18 11:50 AM

Employee engagement is easily one of the most important factors in today’s workforce. Companies are finally starting to realize that in order for your company to thrive you need to …

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Topics:Employee AppreciationEmployee EngagementEmployee Recognition

by Caitlyn Pittman, on 9/18/18 10:15 AM

Integrating people from different generations into one cohesive workplace is not an easy task. In one office space, there will be people in their 50s, 30s, and early 20s trying …

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Topics:MillennialsEmployee AlignmentGen Z

by Caitlyn Pittman, on 9/12/18 10:39 AM

The growing trend here lately has been: What new invention will make your employees more productive? Every week there is a new article describing a fantastical new trend, whether it …

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Topics:Employee ExperienceWorkplace WellnessEnvironment

by Caitlyn Pittman, on 9/5/18 10:26 AM

Culture is the environment that we choose to foster and surround ourselves with; company culture is the foundation of any business. A workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, …

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