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How Employee Recognition Programs Assist Change in Employees

2/23/18 3:09 PM

How can you help your employees brace for change?

When changes within the organization come, some team members may be more receptive to the change than others. In order to help your employees accept and move on with this change, here are some tips.

  • Have Open Communication
    • Have a plan in place, and be upfront about how your organization handles change, including all steps.
    • Have an open discussion with your employees. Find out if they tend to be slow to adopt change or if they tend to be proactive.

Communication missteps and a failure to motivate employees to adapt is causing most corporate change initiatives to fall short and, in addition to hurting the bottom line, is ultimately harming employee engagement. -Mike Ryan, Talent Management and HR

  • Reward and recognize those who are accepting of the changes
  • Especially those team members who have a positive attitude
  • Connect Individual and Management Goals
  • Address all employee concerns. Including questions like, how will this affect me? How will my participation be measured? What’s in it for me?

Using an employee recognition solution, those in leadership roles can set goals and reward outcomes connected to the change and even use their reward budgets to promote quicker uptake and acknowledge early adopters. Socializing the change at every level helps limit resistance to change and reinforce the positive opportunities the change represents.

Remind your employees that the change is positive, and it is allowing the organization to become more competitive as a business. HR can utilize the recognition system to deliver these messages efficiently to specific employee groups.

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