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by Rachel Reed, on 4/26/17 11:34 AM

Though Employee Appreciation Day is an ‘unofficial holiday’ and was recognized as such as recently as 1995, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of employee appreciation. Though things …

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by Rachel Reed, on 4/19/17 12:42 PM

As society evolves along with innovation, our innate need for physical activity is gradually diminished. The nature of our work is increasingly mental, requiring hours of sitting for concentration, essentially …

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by Caitlyn Pittman, on 4/13/17 12:39 PM

By 2020, half of the workforce is projected to be comprised of millennials, and by 2025 that projection jumps to 75%. The time has come to start considering this generation’s …

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by Caitlyn Pittman, on 4/5/17 11:05 AM

Introducing gamification in the workplace could present a positive and innovative way to address problems like work-related stress, lack of a sense of community, and rapid changes in the workforce …

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by Rachel Reed, on 4/4/17 9:47 AM

We keep reading about how today’s employees are largely disengaged from their current work, how better bosses contribute to workplace productivity, and how just giving rewards with no context is …

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Topics:Employee AppreciationEmployee EngagementEmployee Recognition

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