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How Leaders Can Get To Know Their Employees Better

10/19/21 3:15 PM

As a leader, getting to know your employees is important. There are plenty of ways to show genuine interest in your people, and they'll give your employees a reason to want to stick around.

    1. Be a mentor to your employees. Your employees will begin to think of you as a thought leader and as someone who cares about bettering their career. 

      "Mentoring will keep them motivated as you lead with purpose. - Charece Newell, MSILR, sHRBP, Sunspire Health
    2. Ask questions, and genuinely listen to their answers. Get to know your employees on a personal level, past just what they care about at work.

    3. Take the time to have lunch with them. Avoid sitting in your office away from your employees to have lunch. Sit in the communal areas, or chose an employee to grab lunch with outside the office. 

      "If you want to inspire people to do their best work, you have to lead with your real self. Share your passion, experience and story." - Stacie Mallen, CampusLogic

    4. Hold open meetings. Give employees time to voice their questions and concerns in an open environment with their leaders and colleagues. These meetings should involve communicating the business’ vision, goals, strategies and plans to their employees and be as transparent as possible.

    5. Be authentic with your employees. Allow them to get to know you on a more personal level in order to gain trust.
    6. Work alongside your employees.

      "Most employees enjoy sharing what they do and how they do it, but they may not get the opportunity to share very often. Get out of the office and get to know them and the work." - Michele Gonzalez-Pitek, Best Friends Credit


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