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by Jessica Kurtzman, on 10/30/17 9:24 AM

Company culture can affect how engaged your employees are at work, as well as affect if your business is able to attract new employees. Websites such as Glassdoor.com allow employees …

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Topics:CultureEmployee Engagement

by Rachel Reed, on 10/25/17 10:56 AM

Businesses have come to realize that the resources, advertising dollars, and time put into creating loyal and satisfied customers can create the same value when applied to talent. Aligning the …

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Topics:Employee EngagementEmployee Experience

by Rachel Reed, on 10/18/17 9:26 AM

There are five organizational structures based on research by Jacob Morgan, author of The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization. The structures …

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Topics:CultureEmployee EngagementEmployee RecognitionWorkplace Trends

by Rachel Reed, on 10/11/17 11:08 AM

Various studies report billions of economic dollars lost to disengaged employees. Gallup found that around 17% of employees on average at a given organization are disengaged. Gallup combines analytics and …

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Topics:Employee Engagement

by Rachel Reed, on 10/5/17 10:18 AM

Recognition boosts employee engagement. Employee engagement drives productivity, increases revenue, reduces absenteeism, and lowers turnover. While building an established employee recognition program bolstered by company values can be the most …

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Topics:CultureEmployee EngagementEmployee Recognition

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