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by Jessica Kurtzman, on 9/30/16 12:18 PM

Employee engagement has been declining in modern businesses. A poll by Gallup found that a mere 13 percent of employees are engaged worldwide. Often, leaders can be misguided on how …

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by Jessica Kurtzman, on 9/21/16 11:57 AM

Stories are twenty-two times more memorable than facts alone. Throughout history, storytelling has been proven to be a powerful delivery mechanism for sharing insights and ideas in a memorable, persuasive, …

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by Jessica Kurtzman, on 9/15/16 11:53 AM

In 2015, millennials surpassed generation X as the largest generation in the US labor force, totaling at 53.5 million people. More and more business are finding that in order to …

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by Jessica Kurtzman, on 9/9/16 11:48 AM

New research from Gallup, has shown that employee engagement is a key driver of business’ success. The study found that companies with high employee engagement outperform their competition in business …

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