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by Rachel Reed, on 7/9/20 10:25 AM

Companies have long been prioritizing and investing in future-proofing operations, from digitizing the hiring and recruiting process (72% of 2019 HR tech investments went to talent seeking tools in 2019), …

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Topics:HR Tech

by Rachel Reed, on 7/2/20 12:11 PM

Employees stay with organizations they feel at home with. Positive company cultures keep employees enthusiastic about work, engaged, and overall happy in their position. Happy employees are more productive, respectful, …

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by Rachel Reed, on 6/25/20 12:57 PM

A common purpose drives teamwork, which builds trust, collaboration, and innovation. When teams work closely together and are empowered to recognize one another’s achievements, that gratitude permeates culture and boosts …

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by Rachel Reed, on 6/18/20 12:18 PM

While Coronavirus has forced many employees into either furlow, unemployment, or remote work and brought American wellbeing to a 12-year low, employee engagement among the working population is experiencing a …

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Topics:Employee EngagementCOVID-19

by Rachel Reed, on 6/11/20 12:53 PM

A culture of kindness in a workplace facilitates a higher sense of self worth and boosts employee engagement. Creativity, reduced turnover, increased sales, and improved productivity all result from being …

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by Rachel Reed, on 6/4/20 11:53 AM

Employee engagement is marked by three simple factors: how an employee thinks, how they feel, and how they act. When an employee understands their responsibilities and enjoy what they are …

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by Rachel Reed, on 5/20/20 5:26 PM

Offices are beginning to reopen along with the portions of the global economy. With gentle reopening comes careful planning to accommodate a new health and safety focused environment. And one …

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by Rachel Reed, on 5/14/20 12:09 PM

Tech advancements over the last two decades have created an “always on” culture and heightened expectations throughout the workforce. Now that a little more than half (61% according to Salesforce) …

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Topics:Employee EngagementCOVID-19

by Rachel Reed, on 5/7/20 12:04 PM

62% of employed Americans are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and more than 22 million US workers are performing essential services during the coronavirus pandemic, with more …

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Topics:Cultureorganizational designCOVID-19

by Rachel Reed, on 4/30/20 10:46 AM

There is high demand for employees who can leverage new technologies as the economy leans digital, according to a fact sheet published by the National Skills Coalition (NSC) highlighting the …

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