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Rethinking Culture Will Boost Employee Engagement

10/30/17 9:24 AM

Company culture can affect how engaged your employees are at work, as well as affect if your business is able to attract new employees. Websites such as Glassdoor.com allow employees to anonymously discuss their likes and dislikes on their company’s culture. Because of this transparency, culture can make or break an organization. Studies have shown that highly engaged companies are able to hire more easily, deliver stronger customer service, have the lowest turnover rates, and are more profitable overall. The top reasons people stay in organizations are working with people they like and opportunities for growth. In fact, the same study found employees are more motivated by a fun work culture than other factors such as job title, cash rewards, and gifts.

“If your people love their work and the environment you have created, they will treat customers better, innovate, and continuously improve your business.”


How can you rethink your business’ culture?

  1. Allow technology to increase engagement
    • Technology will allow simplicity in daily tasks
    • Millennials in particular, enjoy utilizing technology. Turn to technology to create a more enjoyable experience for your employees
  2. Culture of trust
    • Does your employee work better in a quiet environment? Allow/trust them to work from home if possible
    • Create a culture of communication, so employees feel like they can come to you if they have a desire to change something
  3. Define desired values and behaviors
    • It is important every single employee understands what the company’s culture is about, so they can relate to it, and eventually believe in it as strongly as those in leadership positions do.
    • Make sure culture aligns with your brand, and what your brand is about.
  4. Have measurements in place
    • Being able to measure progress will allow leaders to see where their employee’s heads are at.
    • Measurement techniques can include employee surveys, and open discussions with employees.
    • Have short term goals to keep from burning out
  5. Invest in your culture
    • Changing a culture takes time and resources. It will not be overnight that the culture you are striving for will become automatic.
  6. Reward your employees when they give you the desired behaviors
    • There’s no better way to get them want to change the culture, then by rewarding them for helping them change it.


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