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by Rachel Reed, on 2/26/20 5:04 PM

The nature of work itself is changing as technology inserts itself across every industry and job function. As leaders work to become more agile, they recognize the critical value of …

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Topics:Employee BenefitsEmployee Engagementworkplace trendsorganizational design

by Rachel Reed, on 11/7/19 11:29 AM

The financial services sector is experiencing a pervasive talent and age gap. Financial services is likely to be impacted the most by the expanding talent shortage, facing a global deficit …

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Topics:workplace trendsfinancial services

by Rachel Reed, on 1/10/19 10:53 AM

As society evolves along with innovation, our innate need for physical activity is gradually diminished. The nature of our work is increasingly mental, requiring hours of sitting for concentration, essentially …

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Topics:workplace trendsEmployee Wellness

by Caitlyn Pittman, on 9/18/18 10:15 AM

Integrating people from different generations into one cohesive workplace is not an easy task. In one office space there will be people in their 50’s, 30’s, and early 20’s trying …

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Topics:Employee Engagementworkplace trendsEmployee Alignment

by Caitlyn Pittman, on 8/22/18 10:37 AM

One aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to small businesses HR is employee engagement. However, employee passion is just as important and also helps to ensure that your …

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Topics:Employee Engagementworkplace trends

by Caitlyn Pittman, on 8/7/18 10:21 AM

As many people are making their way to the beach this summer and your employees are inevitably suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out), one incredible perk you could offer …

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Topics:Employee Engagementworkplace trends

by Caitlyn Pittman, on 7/11/18 11:32 AM

In the digital age, small business are changing the way they do business. With the majority of consumers having a proficiency with smartphones, high speed wifi, and the access to …

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Topics:workplace trendsorganizational design

by Kimberly Lyons, on 3/16/18 1:04 PM

A common understanding is employees appreciated by their organization feel more positive and contribute more to their organization’s success. Yet it’s not unusual to find that little time and effort …

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Topics:Employee AppreciationEmployee Recognitionworkplace trends

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 3/9/18 3:33 PM

Organizations work hard to ensure they are bringing in the best talent, spending countless hours and resources interviewing, training and onboarding. Losing this talent, having the employees ‘check-out’, feel under …

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Topics:Employee EngagementLoyaltyworkplace trendsorganizational design

by Jessica Kurtzman, on 3/2/18 3:21 PM

Those in leadership positions are always striving to better their employees. One great way to help better your employees is to utilize an employee recognition program. COOs benefit in many …

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