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4 Key Workplace Trends We Already See in 2021

Rachel Reed
1/7/21 3:13 PM

61% of executives surveyed around the globe are focused on transforming the workplace according to Deloitte. That’s more than double pre-pandemic levels. Automation, digital transformation, and optimization were the primary drivers of change in 2020 alongside the mass adoption of remote work. Now, leaders are looking into 2021 with a renewed focus on employees–specifically work-life balance. Here are four key trends: 

  1. Focus internally, drown out competitor noise
    “Following the lead of competitors in the current landscape will only distract you from what your company, and customers, really need,” says  Grant Halloran, CEO of Planful, a leading financial planning and analysis cloud platform provider. He says letting go of the ego and competitor obsession allow space for innovation. Read the article here
  2. Give employees the space they need to deliver
    Offering remote work and flexible arrangements is a great advantage for most companies with the right accountability, communication, and trust. Understand employee needs and build an arrangement that allows them to be their most productive. Flexible work arrangements will become increasingly common as we inevitably return to work. 
  3. Communicate With (But Also Include) Employees
    “This is the hardest environment I have ever had to lead in,” says Jeff Stelmach, group president of Stadiumred Group. But among the chaos of 2020 he saw an opportunity to truly motivate employees to “create, to be different, and to be bold.” Read the article here.
  4. Take Advantage of Tech
    Streamline communication: does one team or employee typically use email but another is exclusively instant messaging? Adopt a messaging platform that integrates with your most critical software to ensure frequent communication. It’s important to choose apps and platforms that integrate and allow managers to send kudos, high fives, or any form of recognition to keep morale high and employees motivated. Read the article here.

Things will continue to change in 2021, but with the right tools and attitude, they could change for the better.

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