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How to Kill Employee Engagement

9/30/16 12:18 PM

Employee engagement has been declining in modern businesses. A poll by Gallup found that a mere 13 percent of employees are engaged worldwide. Often, leaders can be misguided on how to properly engage their employees. If you find that your company is doing these things then your office’s employee engagement is more than likely low.

  1. Refusing to listen to your employees suggestions for improvements and optimization. These methods have worked in the past, so why change them?
  2. Managers and higher ups acting like they are superior than their employees. Managers are the only ones that will make the decisions and everyone else is forced to follow their orders.
  3. Believing that the best way to keep your employees motivated is to always punish them when they do something wrong and reward them when they do something right. Constructive criticism isn’t necessary or encouraged!
  4. If an employee complains or expresses dissatisfaction, simply do not listen to them. Any complaint having to do with work should be dismissed.
  5. If an issue arises, immediately blame any person that is responsible. Be sure to avoid analyzing the issue and  find the root of the problem. The key is to move on quickly and forget the problem ever occurred.
  6. Have control over your employees. Enforce strict rules that are enforced no matter what, no exceptions.

Work is work and has no room for getting to know your employees are on personal level.

As a manager or as a Human Resources specialist, it is your job to ensure a corporate culture in which engagement can thrive. The office culture will be a more engaged and positive environment when managers avoid these methods.

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