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Rewards Employees Want

1/25/18 4:17 PM

These days, job seekers do more research than ever on prospective companies/jobs. Job seekers expect to easily find and have access to more information about a potential employer, including reviews by other employees, past and present. In order to attract the best talent, organizations need to know what rewards employees really want. According to research by Forbes, these are the rewards employees reacted the most positively to:

  1. Cash
  2. Nearly seven in ten (68%) people say that salary and compensation are among their top considerations before accepting a job
  3. Employees may think that cash is a great incentive, but in reality, a cash reward is not going to motivate your employee
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Or other paid benefits such as dental, or vision care
  6. Work/Life Balance
  7. Employees will perform at their best when they are not overworked
  8. Travel
  9. Or other experiences such as cooking classes or art classes
  10. Opportunities for advancement and professional development
  11. If your employee knows they can grow at work, they will be more motivated to work hard
  12. Sense of purpose
  13. Give your employees a reason to feel great about coming to work each day

Want additional ideas on how to reward your employees?

  1. Sporting event tickets
  2. Allowing employees to bring their pets into the office, for the day or as a more permanent office-wide reward
  3. Standing desk, or new desk chair
  4. Membership service (blue apron, wine subscription)
  5. Have a car wash service come to the office
  6. Smaller, fun gifts such as a snack, scratch-off lottery ticket, or a new coffee mug
  7. Health club or gym membership
  8. Hold a viewing party for the game or popular show everyone enjoys
  9. Movie tickets
  10. Edible Arrangements delivery, fresh cookie delivery, or flower delivery
  11. Add them to a wall of fame
  12. Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon subscription

Some more unique rewards may be a better fit for your company, such as haircuts for employees or improv classes, depending on their likes or dislikes.

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