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How to Motivate A New Hire

2/1/18 4:30 PM

When you take on a new hire, you have a 50-50 chance of making them successful, even after the due diligence in the recruiting process. Think of your new hire as an investment, how can you set them up for success?

How to acclimate a new hire

  • Make them comfortable
  • Ensure the environment is comfortable. New hires don't yet know the cultural norms at your organization, so they are more likely to be quiet and not as involved.
  • Respond quickly to questions or concerns to show the new employee you value them.
  • Send out a new hire announcement so everyone can give them a warm welcome.
  • Build up their confidence
  • Consistently assure them they are doing well, and that you are glad to have them there
  • Get the team involved because there is strength in numbers.
  • Allow team members to assist in training instead of relying entirely on a manager. This will allow the new hire to feel more included and form relationships with coworkers. If this is not possible, assign them a ‘buddy’ to learn from and come to with questions. This one-on-one relationship can be less intimidating and provides for more open communication.
  • Ask your new hire for feedback. This feedback can be used to help future hires and also makes the new hire feel important and valued.
  • Create an open-door policy
  • New hires should be well informed that they always have access to HR or their manager in regards to new ideas or concerns.
  • Supply your new hire with a ‘fact sheet’ which could include key information such as the wifi password, employee handbook, or where the building gym is.
  • Bonus: make a welcome kit! Welcome kits could include fun items for their desk, snacks, or a gift card to the nearby coffee shop

Don't miss opportunities to reward, thank and congratulate. - John Mauck, WLR Automotive Group

According to a report by TLNT, one-third of new hires quit their new job within the first six months.

Why is taking the time to motivate a new hire important?

  • Makes them feel like part of the team
  • Allows them to feel more comfortable with their coworkers, ask questions, voice concerns
  • If this employee feels comfortable speaking up, they can be a valuable resource for new eyes on the company
  • The more comfortable an employee is to have a friend at work (which is important!), the more likely you are to retain the employee
  • Helps the new employee adjust to the company’s culture and see how they fit in
  • The longer an employee is retained, the more money is saved on replacing the employee

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