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Needing a way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

3/3/17 11:13 AM

Employee Appreciation Day comes every year on the first Friday of March. It is celebrated as a way for companies to thank their employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year, as well as strengthening the bond between employer and employee.

Didn’t plan ahead? Here are some ways you can still celebrate with your employees:

Celebrate with food

Whether it is a catered lunch, a sundae bar, taking your team out to lunch, or a company potluck, your employees will be sure to appreciate and remember the day.

Implement a new tradition

Starting something new such as an employee of the month program, will give employees something notable to look forward to.

Personalized thank you notes

Simple, but your employees will be sure to appreciate them.

Bring in a masseuses or manicurist

All employees will appreciate being pampered during the workday.

Implement an employee appreciation program

Utilizing a program that will help keep employees motivated is always a good use of resources.

Mentorship program within the office

Allowing more experienced workers to interact with newer employees will allow for them to learn from each other and benefit each other in new ways.

Take them outside the office

Taking employees on an outing such as skating, to a park, or out to eat will be sure to make a memorable day.

Allow them to take an early day

Allowing employees to take time off in addition to their paid time off has been shown to increase productivity, so allowing them to take an early day today, or at another time will only benefit the company.

Happy hour

Take the employees to a local happy hour, or even host one inside the office.

Bring in games

Allow your employees to take a break from their day and play some games, such as Xbox, Playstation or old fashioned board games.

Put praises on social media

Praising your employees publicly will help their self esteem as well as show others that they are hard workers.

Host a painting party or have caricatures drawn of each employee

Hosting a hands on event will allow employees to bond with one another on a different level.

Add a new item to the office

Adding a new item to the office, such as a fancy new espresso machine, will help employees get excited about coming into work.

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