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Employee Recognition Link Roundup

Rachel Reed
3/21/17 11:56 AM


What are your employee recognition goals? Do your employees enjoy working for your organization? Here's a roundup of what the internet has to say about employee recognition.


4 Ways to Personalize the Employee Experience

"The employee experience is what makes or breaks retention."


How Easy Is It for Your Employees to Be Employees?

HR teams spend more than 30 percent of their days repeating the same information to employees over and over again and doing other repetitive work.



B2B: Using Gamification to Grow Employee Engagement and to Encourage a Culture of Employee Recognition

“Everything is Gamification. Badges, and levels. We have customer interaction training all leveled and a national program, also recognition and an appreciation zone. "

How to get the CFO onside to support employee perks

Innovative CFO’s recognize that the ‘trophy’ for engagement initiatives, such as reward and recognition, is significant. Hewitt research showed that companies with double-digit growth had 20% higher engagement scores than those with single digit growth.




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