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6 Essential KPIs for Employee Recognition Programs

Luke Kreitner
6/6/24 10:43 AM

Clearly establishing the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your employee recognition program ensures alignment with your overall business goals. It’s critical to understand the business outcomes you’re trying to achieve which is the purpose of the program in the first place - whether that be retention or productivity or another important result. We call these “Business KPIs”. The second type of KPIs relate to the actual employee recognition program. “Program KPIs” refer to how effective you are in engaging the employee base through the program to drive the Business KPIs. Tracking these KPIs are essential to demonstrate success to the C-suite and for continued investment into employee engagement programs.

We’ve boiled down Employee Recognition Program KPIs into the six most common and essential metrics in the infographic below.

Employee Recognition KPIs -3-1


Download the above image as a PDF below


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