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4 Ways To Boost Employee Morale

Luke Kreitner
6/18/24 11:00 AM

Employee morale affects more aspects of your company than you might realize. With low morale comes high turnover rates, low productivity, and an overall negative workplace culture. It is important to work actively to keep employees' morale high, which will produce more positive results throughout your company and your customers' experience. Look at ways you can enhance employee morale that will resonate with your teams. 


Why Employee Morale Matters 

Your employees are your company's backbone, so considering their morale is something employers should regularly be doing. Morale means more than just checking into an employee's feelings regarding their job; it encompasses their approach to their daily tasks, their investment in the brand’s mission and values, and their overall attitude toward the company’s workplace.

Focusing on building an environment with high employee morale can lead to:

  • Increased productivity: Employees who feel appreciated are more productive and efficient with their tasks.
  • Better engagement: Motivated employees are more invested in their work and the company’s success.
  • Lower turnover rates: Engaged employees are less likely to look for other work opportunities, which will save your company time and money.
  • Positive company culture: Happy employees create a positive work environment, which attracts top-tier talent.

4 Ways To Boost Morale 

  • Recognize and Reward Achievements
    When employees continue to put in their best work and don’t receive any positive reinforcement or recognition, it can be a very defeating feeling. Having an employee recognition program will allow you to not only recognize your employees but also reward them for their continued work and support. Explore new ways to show appreciation for your employees beyond just traditional bonuses and promotions. Whether it is curating a rewards catalog that offers various options for them to choose from or offering experience-based rewards, just finding new ways to say “thank you” will be a big boost in morale.

  • Have Open Communication
    You must build a workplace culture that makes employees feel comfortable speaking with you about any concerns or questions that they may have. Sending out regular surveys to gather feedback is a great way to positively grow as a company and will allow leadership to know exactly what areas are lacking. Employees would be more likely to participate if they were able to submit their answers anonymously. Creating an environment where open communication is not only encouraged but welcomed is key to keeping employee morale high.

  • Invest in Employees Learning & Development
    Offering employees training that aligns with their interests and goals will encourage them to push themselves to understand what they can do to continue to grow within your company. This will also provide them with a sense of pride and encouragement that will boost their morale because it will allow them to track their progress and build their skills.

  • Promote Work-Life Balance
    Encouraging a strong work-life balance is one of the most important ways of boosting and maintaining employee morale. If an employee feels like they will be looked down upon or lose out on certain opportunities for taking their designated time off, then they will begin to lose that balance. What some employers don’t understand is that their employees have lives and responsibilities outside of their 9-5 job. Working with your teams to create flexible working options and ensuring they completely unplug when they are on PTO will boost productivity and engagement.

Prioritizing your employees' morale will create an environment where employees feel valued and motivated. Morale is a critical element that impacts multiple areas of your business, from productivity and turnover rates to overall workplace culture and customer experience. Actively fostering high morale among your employees will lead to significant positive outcomes in all areas. Implementing strategies before employee burnout or turnover hits is key for a strong, engaged team. High morale isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential for the long-term success and sustainability of your business.

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