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How Recognition Drives The Future of Work

Rachel Reed
1/21/21 3:55 PM

Organizational shifts alongside global digital transformation continue to drive the way work gets done in 2021. Leaders are shifting focus to people and technology first to develop a process from which to build bespoke systems of productivity that ultimately serve the unique needs of their customers. The command/control style of management is dwindling in effectiveness, relevance, and tolerance among top talent. Leaders increasingly express intent on building a strong workplace culture. A culture of recognition where employees aren’t afraid to ask questions, share wins, and innovate together. 

This mindset shift is not lost on executives. After the pandemic, 61% of executives surveyed in Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report said they plan to focus on reimagining work, compared to just 29% the previous year. With this shift, organizations now have the opportunity to reverse the downward productivity trend and turn the recent upticks into a true J-shaped curve, one that turns an unfavorable period into a recovery with even higher productivity levels than before. (Forbes)

You need to reinforce employee engagement. The link between learning, engagement, and retention is clear: Deloitte found that engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave their organizations. You will need to find new ways to ensure that people are interested and happy even when not in the office and subsequently want to participate in work activities. (Entrepreneur)

Disparate teams and clunky remote work adjustments lend themselves to communication, tracking, and planning solutions–employee recognition is no exception. Positive reinforcement, when celebrated and shared is best served publicly. Choose a rewards system that works the way you do, whether it’s with Microsoft Teams or using a legacy system. Give employees the recognition they deserve, the moment they deserve it, in a format they are accustomed to for maximum impact.

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