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3 Pillars of a Strong Workplace Culture

Rachel Reed
10/18/21 2:22 PM

Employees stay with organizations they feel at home with. 

Positive company cultures keep employees enthusiastic about work, engaged, and overall happy in their position. Happy employees are more productive, respectful, and inspired and thus are more likely to refer qualified talent to the organization. A strong workplace culture is characterized by three key elements: 


1. Honest, Open Communication

When a company focuses values on appreciation, gratitude, and recognition, employees feel safe. Trust is more easily built in an environment that supports honest communication and feedback. When companies are faced with change, a culture built on transparency makes the transition more seamless, and employees more receptive to change. 


2. Gratitude and Praise

Employees are more likely to contribute creative and innovative ideas when they are heard, respected, and acknowledged for their efforts. A positive workplace culture where voices are heard, gratitude is prioritized, and expectations are clear.


3. Respect & Clarity of workplace culture

The organization which leads with respect is one that succeeds. Respect for employees breeds mutual respect for leadership. When expectations are clearly defined, and managers are held accountable, respect organically permeates culture. “Accountability starts with clear performance standards that apply equally to everyone -- including leaders” (Gallup).

Developing a positive workplace culture begins with small changes. Create an honest, open space for employees where they can enjoy their work and look forward to it. Empower them to contribute and actively listen with respect and intent to build a culture people are proud to be part of. 


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