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Less reasons to grumble about how an employee engagement system works

Rachel Argot
4/15/22 9:00 AM

In a previous blog, we discussed  how the new generation of workers are responding to rewards and systems that encourage engagement. Prioritizing intrinsic over extrinsic rewards shifts engagement practices from transactional to relational. The Millennial generation is achievement-oriented, but they are not willing to sacrifice their values for a bi-monthly paycheck.

If you’re not a Millennial, you may be tired of hearing about them and their long list of wants and needs. It’s (understandably) easy to criticize our differences, especially when finances and job security are involved. But here at Rewardian, we’re all about celebrating our similarities. So, after some relentless research, we’ve identified a highly valued and respected tradition seen practiced throughout all generations: the innate ability to complain.

Since we’re all so good at complaining, it’s important that workplace systems be open to criticism and flexible with change. Organizations looking to boost employee engagement with an employee recognition program can be faced with lots of vendor options with platforms of various features, rewards and user experiences. We won’t keep you from complaining about the taste of the office coffee, but we have found 4 less reasons to complain about the way you run your employee engagement system:

  1. “You’re ruining my aesthetic” - Custom Branding
    The hefty check you spent on branding your website would be heartbroken to know that the company blue is nowhere to be seen on your employee engagement platform. Employee recognition platforms should be customized to an organization’s branded look and feel to seamlessly transition employees and managers into a familiar digital environment. Rewardian gives you full access to color, design and brand your home page and profiles. Doing so eliminates distractions and drives brand loyalty.

  2. “I don’t have to download another app, right?” - Integrations
    App switching can be disruptive, so we built a bridge to keep recognition relevant, easy, and seamless. You work in Teams, Slack, and Beekeeper- so do we. Recognize employees right from your preferred suite dashboard without having to open a browser or remember another password.
    An employee recognition platform should integrate with system intranets and human resource management systems (HRMS) which house employee benefits and payroll info. Platforms should easily integrate with third party communication tools to seamlessly onboard employees onto a familiar system and sidestep an overwhelming adoption process.

  3. “Too long, didn't read.” - Analytics
    Based on the KPIs and program drivers determined during our design and strategy sessions, Rewardian can produce and configure custom analytics (i.e., reports, graphs, etc). for the admin and manager to view and gain insights from.

    If done properly, the insights and dashboards can be suited to drive educated decision making. The Rewardian reporting module provides real-time, dynamic analytics complete with standard one-click, pre-built reports and the option to request custom data reporting.

  4. “This instruction guide is sooo long” - User Friendly
    Rewardian’s transparent, interactive demos allow for real-time Q+A’s and applicable tutorials. Follow along and evaluate ease of use.
    From onboarding new hires to building programs for daily use, make sure to switch roles and experience the platform through the eyes of your managers and employees. A platform that engages employees is a large contributor to productivity and morale.

Rewardian will continue to celebrate employees by finding ways to put the “person” back in “personalization”. We work with you to create a program customized to your exact list of wants and needs. We may not be able to make the office coffee taste any better, but we work hard to make sure our platform promotes communication styles that can. 

Check out our recognition and rewards platform which provides organizations of all sizes with simple, customizable solutions to engage and inspire employees to perform their best.

See our pricing or talk to one of our experts today.

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