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Happy Employees=Happy Customers

Luke Kreitner
2/20/24 11:30 AM

Having happy employees is key to having a successful business. If your employees are just going through the motions and aren’t excited about the work they are doing that will translate to the customers. Your employees' experience will directly correlate with your customers' experience. There are ripple effects of employee satisfaction and your brand should be putting time and effort into creating that environment at their company.

Take a look at 4 strategies to foster this experience for your employees:


1. Employee Empowerment 

Employees like to feel proud of their job and that what they are doing is playing a part in their company’s success. Empowering them and giving them a sense of responsibility will lead to them feeling proud of the work they are doing and will push them to provide the best experience possible for the customers. If an employee feels like they are being handed busy work then it is less likely that they will provide their best work. Empower your employees to push the envelope and take ownership of their role, which will spill over into a positive experience for your customers. 


2. Ongoing Learning & Development Opportunities 

Your employees must be always learning and developing new skill sets to push them in their careers. Encouraging your employees to always keep learning will lead to more confidence in their role and will translate into strong customer service for your customers. Providing your employees with the opportunity to continue their training and development shows them that you are invested in them and the value they bring to your company. You want to feel confident in your employees’ ability to problem-solve and resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. The more opportunities your employees have to learn, the stronger their customer service skills will become. 


3. Recognition & Appreciation 

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? Applauding your employees for their good work is the foundation of having happy employees. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture for every accomplishment but giving a simple “Great Work” or recognition through your platform goes a long way in boosting employee morale and performance. If an employee feels as though they are doing great work and never getting any recognition then they could become lazy and in turn your customer's experience will begin to turn negative. Your business is successful because of the work your employees do, so it’s important to recognize that and show your appreciation.


4. Inclusive Work Environment 

Having an inclusive workplace is crucial for making all employees feel welcome and comfortable. An employee isn't going to provide their best work to a company that makes them feel ostracized or like an outsider. When an employee sees that their company is treating all of their employees with equal respect then they will have respect for the company. Fostering an inclusive work environment will lead to a comfortable and productive workplace and that will shine through into the customer’s experience. 



The relationship between your employees and customers is one of the most important relationships to foster. And that starts with a strong workplace. Employees who feel empowered and supported will provide that same experience to the customers. By implementing these strategies you are setting your business up for success. It’s crucial to remember that your employees aren’t just people who work for you but they are the people who have a direct impact on your customer’s experience. Treat them with the respect that you want your customers to receive. 

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