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When Annual Trips are Cancelled, Consider Rewards

Rachel Reed
12/15/20 10:45 AM

With 2020 holiday travel plans effectively scrapped, the typical bonuses that come with large gatherings or trips may seem bleak this year, sans soiree. Employees have endured rigorous schedules and record levels of burnout on top of a stressful societal, political, and economic year. Business leaders have spent the better part of 2020 reconfiguring, prioritizing, and adjusting under constant change. The holiday season is the perfect time to show employees appreciation for making it through, no matter where they are.

Reconsider how employees work, connect, and grow within your organization to ensure they are equipped to perform their best. Use rewards to cultivate intrinsic motivation, boost employee engagement, and take your culture to the next level. Build a rewards-centric structure with your company values that creates built-in motivation.

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Consider onboarding a digital rewards platform or app that allows managers to connect and reward teams, build recognition programs, and provide an engaging shopping experience so employees can redeem points with an online shopping experience they are familiar with. Let employees know their hard work is appreciated and provide the gift of choice this holiday.

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