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Six Ways Employee Recognition Boosts Employee Engagement in Hospitality

Rachel Reed
3/7/19 10:25 AM

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hospitality sector has an annual turnover rate of 73.8%, with over 6% of staff leaving every month. Whether it’s turnover, lack of interdepartmental communication, or just low employee morale, employee recognition is a simple, yet monumentally successful solution to boost employee engagement in the hospitality industry.

 1. Guest Feedback: Let Your Customers do the Talking 

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable metrics in hospitality. Review services like Tripadvisor, Google Reviews, and Yelp are gold mines for raw data. Rewardian seamlessly integrates with hundreds of third party applications and can tie recognition program values and behaviors to customer reviews. This allows you to directly reward high performing employees to harness the power of positive feedback and guest surveys.

2. Segment Recognition Efforts by Department 

Whether it’s guest services, housekeeping, or food and beverage, Rewardian is set up to deliver tailored programs which cater to each department individually, or company-wide.

According to a study by BetterBuy, companies that offer professional development opportunities like tuition reimbursement or in-house training programs had a 34% higher retention rate than those that didn’t, and 75% of employees with development opportunities said they were likely to stay with their employers for another five years, compared to 56% who had no development opportunities.


employee ideas module


3. Employee Ideas Module: They May Surprise You 

Employees are your number one resource. The ideas module was built for just that: extracting valuable ideas from those on the frontlines. British Airways, for example, launched a staff suggestion program responsible for saving them around $750,000 a year in fuel costs. Rewardian’s employee ideas module allows employees to freely submit suggestions and managers to moderate, vote, and implement improvements.

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4. Milestone Rewards: Timely, Relevant, Automated 

Never miss a birthday or service anniversary with custom, timely, and automated milestone rewards delivered right to employee accounts with ecards, custom messaging, and points.

Catalog Brands


5. Give Employees Rewards They Actually Want 

With a catalog of more than 10,000 of products already on your employees’ wish list, Rewardian provides a shopping experience and reward selection employees will be excited about. 


6. On the Spot Certificates

Celebrate the little victories–on the spot! These programs are set up to encourage timely, in-the-moment recognition. Certificates can be delivered digitally, physically printed, or both.



Download: How Employee Recognition Influences Attitude & Behavior in the Workplace 


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