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Rewarding and recognizing your employees during the right season

Rachel Argot
7/28/22 1:00 PM

When planning content for the quarter, month, week, or hour, take advantage of the calendar days or seasons that affect employee engagement organically. 


If your brand depends on seasonal products or holiday features, run your employee programs parallel to your customer promotions. 

Why? Seasonal holidays and brand-exclusive anniversaries influence employee behaviors, allowing businesses to prepare, organize, and lead loyalty programs that benefit their employees. When working for a brand that relies on seasonal products, promotional dates must make sense of your brand and product. Similar brands run similar promotions during similar seasons. Seasons influence trends, controlling supply and demand. For example, most employees travel during the summer, so running a promotion requiring in-person attendance would not make much sense. 

Get creative with how you recognize and reward your hard-working employees. The rewards for your customers should be different than those for your employees. For example, employees are not likely to feel special receiving any leftover mech unclaimed by a customer. 

If your brand is event or service-based, consider running off-season programs that develop the relationship between the employee and the brand. 

Why? No one wants to stick around for an office pizza party after a long, hard work day. A busy season is not the best time to roll out a complex employee program or new platform features. This can trigger employee burnout, leading to resentment and distrust. Instead, use these active seasons to manage your employees' processes without adding pressure to an already stressful environment. A streamlined platform makes this easy to do, using integrations, automated CMS, reporting, and analytics.

Create data-based employee evaluations that establish personalized goals. Engagement programs are designed to have fun. Use slower seasons to focus on projects that promote engagement. Improve their customer service skills and walk them through the customer journey as if they were one. 


Any time is a good time to invest in an employee engagement program. However, the best time to run a promotion, sweepstake, or costume contest depends on your brand, product, and workplace environment. Click this link to find all kinds of promotional holidays. 

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