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How to get the most out of your workforce during the holiday crunch

Rachel Reed
12/2/21 3:03 PM

Whether your business becomes a productivity frenzy or you face lulls, the holiday season is the optimal time to maximize, plan, and develop. Regardless of industry, product, or service, leaders always aim to squeeze in big business wins before the fiscal year comes to a chaotic close. This year, take stock of your most valuable asset: human capital. Where are your employees on their career path in correlation with company culture and business goals? 

1. Aim for alignment.

Each year, brands clamor for the secret sauce to effectively face holiday lulls and booms alike. The path employers choose sets the tone for the years ahead, year over year. It requires stamina, agility, cooperation, patience, and most importantly, alignment. Alignment requires a healthy dose of listening, understanding, and willingness to adapt. Business endurance is tested as the pandemic continues to create hurdles, and businesses continue to grow stronger and increasingly flexible - even lean - during the continued trials of this economic period. 

2. Don’t let digital tools disassemble culture.

Digital overwhelm is on the rise. Don’t let your attempt to improve culture with every latest digital tool create problems rather than solutions. Look for platforms that can integrate with systems you already use and create a welcoming environment for employees. The goal for onboarding new tech is always to maximize user adoption to minimize friction, and loss, and to avoid the costs associated with a lack of program usage.

3. Take Time to Educate

Use the time during the holidays to not only motivate end-of-year goals, but also to educate and align culture, and business goals, and most importantly recognize wins. Use badges and other digital gamification to motivate employees to finish the year strong and put recognition top of minds to engage and celebrate your teams. Consider launching a recognition program that uses badges, leaderboards, bingo games, and other interactive features to elevate recognition this season.

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