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How to elevate end of year recognition with loyalty-style email summaries

Rachel Reed
12/9/21 2:49 PM

You’ve probably noticed the new look and feel of bank statements and other financial tech tools as digital dominates. Global leaders in Fintech have prioritized the personalization of their customer relationship communications to drive behavior, bottom line revenue, and most importantly: loyalty. Use qualitative and quantitative data to gather and present a personalized year-end summary tailored to the employee’s individual contributions and successes throughout the year. Make it engaging to digest, with on-brand graphics, charts, and line graphs to gamify otherwise visually bland data. The best loyalty programs transform data into stories that are easy to interpret and provide a sense of accomplishment. 

In a tumultuous hiring economy, it’s critical to apply personalization through thoughtful loyalty experiences. 

To celebrate employees and energize culture, gather a list of corporate achievements and include personalized recognition for each contributing employee. Keeping recognitions personal and public will drive a sense of belonging, further motivating employees to continue their best work moving forward as well as highlight individual achievements to build a sense of ownership. 

Build a personalized email summary of all achievements and accomplishments for the fiscal year. Tie corporate objectives to employee successes to drive impact. Include things like:

  • Number of years with company
  • Number of project completions 
  • Project highlights 
  • Bottom line revenue 
  • Number of recognition points received 
  • Types of personal contributions (think of things like ideas or suggestions that came to life) 
  • Types of rewards redeemed 
  • Number of recognitions given to peers 
  • Team announcements throughout the year and their impact 
  • Corporate achievements and charitable donations

End the summary with current/latest projects to keep cross-departmental ties strong. 

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