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Are Your Employees Happy at Work?

Rachel Reed
10/11/21 12:15 PM

How do you know your employees are really happy at work? They may say they are in a employee survey or questionnaire, but you will get true insight through your employees actions. Here are eight signs your employees are happy at work:

1. They're friends with their colleagues

Happy employees are more comfortable at work, and it only makes sense that employees that intend on sticking around take the time to invest in building relationships with their colleagues.


2. They participate in after-work events

Employees who engage with coworkers after-hours and demonstrate general interest in the company are typically happy with their organization. 

3. They show up early

If employees are making the extra effort, it shows they care!

4. They make an effort to conserve company resources

When employees are happy and truly invested in a company, it shows that they care about the company’s wellbeing

5. They're neat and organized

Employees who voluntarily keep the workplace clean are more than likely happier in their positions than employees who don’t.

6. They are energized at work

When people are unhappy, stressed, overworked, burned out, etc., it shows in all areas of life, and work is the first, especially if it's the source. Energized employees are engaged, excited about the tasks ahead, and motivated to do their best. 

7. They're optimistic

They see themselves as a part of a common goal - to better the company, please clients, and perform their best work.

8. They question the status quo to improve the company's output

When high-performing employees are happy at work, they seek out opportunities to improve themselves and the organization. If they see a better way, they research it, suggest it, and work toward improvements. 

When your employees are happy, they’ll work harder for you, and stay committed to you longer. If you can recognize the signs of dissatisfaction and unrest, you’ll be able to quickly restore your employees’ well-being (and engagement!) in the workplace.


How to Keep Happy Employees Happy

1. Recognize them!

Employee recognition can boost not only employee engagement, but productivity and overall happiness. Recognize your employees for their hard work. Whether it's verbally in the moment, or as part of an employee recognition program tied to rewards, a dash of gratitude can go a long way in boosting moods. 

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2. Give them the gift of autonomy 

When people feel a sense of ownership, they're more likely to inject passion and drive behind the task at hand. A little bit of creative control will do wonders for an employee's motivation to perform at their best. 

3. Keep the 'big picture' transparent and top of mind

Try to remind employees of your organization's mission, values, and goals in a transparent, encouraging way. Remember: people work better when they feel they are part of something bigger. Be honest with your team about your goals and how their important role and hard work contributes to them. 

4. Simply check in

Check in with your team on a frequent, consistent, and individual basis. Take interest in your employees' day-to-day. Actively listening to employee feedback lets them know you have an interest in their tasks and opens communication between management and the 'frontlines.'


Download: How Employee Recognition Influences Attitude & Behavior in the Workplace 

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