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How to Think Like a Marketer to Boost Employee Engagement

Rachel Reed
2/8/22 1:31 PM

In a landscape where everything is digital, everything is trackable. Employee recognition is no different. Think like a marketer to drive employee engagement results through analytics and campaigns. These metrics can provide the information you need in order to test program parameters, get a pulse on employee sentiment, and tap into program effectiveness.

Marketers are responsible for aligning personal values with business objectives to deliver high-quality experiences that capture and retain customers. Employees are like customers–the more aligned they are with business goals and values, the more likely they are to deliver high quality work. 

Employers serve as marketers in the employment market: attract high quality employees who are most likely to provide the level of service that aligns with the organization and its bottom line goals. In order to attract and retain high quality employees, employers must set forth a clear set of values attached to measurable outcomes. Just like marketers, employers can incentivize employees to generate outcomes through loyalty. 

Loyalty transcends consumer-based incentives to buy and return. The science behind loyalty states that a person’s belief system is based on past experiences. Loyalty is an age-old practice based on emotional connection. The best loyalty programs deliver highly emotional experiences that satisfy the needs and goals of the consumer. 

Marketers seek and mine data to make more personalized decisions that contribute to sales and the customized behaviors that encourage repeat business. Everything is tied to trackable data and the employer-employee relationship is no different. The set of employee behaviors that are trackable are those tied to business values and objectives and backed by frequent recognition of these behaviors. Clearly state and act on business values, acknowledge when these needs have been met with individual employees, and track the success of each with an employee recognition platform designed to automatically reward employees based on behavior, and you’re thinking like a marketer. 

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