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8 Crazy Employee Statistics You Need to Know

Rachel Reed
5/16/19 11:42 AM

What’s going on with your employees? Are they engaged? Ready to leave? Here are a few statistics that may catch your eye.

  1. Only 12 percent of employees actually leave an organization for more money. (OfficeVibe)

  2. Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. (Gallup) Those teams who score in the top 20% in engagement realize a 41% reduction in absenteeism, and 59% less turnover.

  3. More than a third of workers are searching actively or casually for a job (Ceridian)

  4. Employees are 55% more likely to leave their jobs in the coming year, 32% more likely to feel dissatisfied in their jobs and 18% less likely to feel cared about by their employer. (Boston University School of Law)

  5. 50% of HR managers have current openings for which they can’t find qualified candidates (CareerBuilder)

  6. 49% of employers said it was a challenge to find candidates with hard skills, and 51% experience difficulty in looking for employees with soft skills (LaSalle)

  7. 90% of CFOs said the competitive hiring environment is complicating their companies’ ability to recruit talent (Robert Half)

  8. Nearly 50% of companies expect automation to lead to a reduction in their full-time workforce by 2020 (WEF)

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