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7 Excellent Ways to Reward Remote Employees

Luke Kreitner
12/11/23 7:00 AM

In the post-pandemic workforce, more teams have remote employees. However, maintaining inclusivity in rewards and recognition remains a challenge. Remote workers miss out on office perks, sometimes leading to a "them versus us" mentality. To increase satisfaction, offer location-independent digital rewards that go beyond cash. Show remote workers they're valued and included by providing meaningful recognition.


Digital Rewards For Remote Workers

Personalized gift cards: Give employees gift cards to their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, or movie theaters for a memorable experience.

Community recognition: Celebrate an employee's achievements with their whole team to foster a supportive environment and encourage greater success.

Technology and workspace upgrades: Tech and workspace upgrades matter for remote workers. Unlike office workers, remote workers may not get new furniture without paying for it. Think about giving them a stipend for their home workspace, like a desk, chair, plants, or a fresh coat of paint.

Virtual course or class: Offer your high-performing employees the chance to take a virtual course of their choice, even if it's unrelated to their job. By investing in their learning and development, both professionally and personally, you demonstrate that you value their interests and want to support them in acquiring the skills that matter most to them. Plus, having more skilled workers is always a bonus!

Employee wellness: For optimal employee performance, acknowledge remote team members for prioritizing their health. Implement progressive wellness programs, like meditation app subscriptions, gym stipends, nutrition education, and health risk assessments. Run interdepartmental contests to promote program utilization. Adopt an employee recognition platform integrated with wellness solutions. Shared goals foster motivation and a sense of belonging for remote employees.

Timely recognition: Provide frequent, just-in-time recognition to your employees. Rewards are great, but daily acknowledgments are even more important. Make sending a simple email or giving a quick call or message to say "good job" the norm for your remote workers. This micro-recognition fosters a supportive culture and demonstrates your appreciation for their hard work.

Hold a remote employee appreciation day:  Even though it's not a traditional off-site, you can still recognize your remote team. Schedule a virtual event with a fun theme, dress up if you want, and have leaders speak. Spice things up with virtual backgrounds. Send employee appreciation gifts to their homes too!

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