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3 Ways to Drive Sales Through Incentives

Rachel Reed
7/11/19 11:29 AM

Sales have evolved. Buyers are now equipped with thorough research conducted online prior to interaction with salespeople and come with a whole new set of expectations of brands and how they sell to them. The way you incentivize your sales team should be no different. Here are three ways to energize your sales force through sales incentives: 

1. Rethink Rewards 

Rewards are known to intrinsically motivate your employees. A rewards system provides more than just a paycheck, drives employee  engagement, boosts morale, and even productivity. Tie your sales incentives to rewards that will motivate your team. Find out what gets them excited and energized to sell. A comprehensive choice or online shop is best for covering individual preferences–not every employee is motivated by the same rewards.

2. Go Digital

It’s not news that business has gone digital across the globe. While many industries are struggling to adapt, most have swapped traditional strategy, operations, and even hiring practices for lean, AI-centric, digital business models. Sales incentives should be no different. Even inside sales reps are on the go and log sales after hours. Ensure that your incentive structure is built digitally and allows your employees to access information and log sales remotely and instantly.

3. Reward the Right People

The buyer’s journey is no longer linear–buyers typically hop online and to conduct research and compare brands prior to even knowing your company exists. From there, they may fill out a form or communicate with a non-salesperson prior to the purchase decision. That means multiple employees have a hand in guiding your new customer down the pipeline. Additionally, sales teams are more often working together to close a deal, shifting credit to more than just an individual. Structure your incentives around touch points in the buyer's journey, from awareness to closed deal, and reward each role played in a closed sale. 

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