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Is technology helping or hurting your organization?

Rachel Reed
1/25/17 4:56 PM

From the telephone in the 19th century and Internet in the 20th to  today’s social networks and cloud storage, organizations have had a long history of embracing the latest technology in hopes of improving productivity and engagement. Technology has many benefits for organizations when used correctly. The internet provides data on individuals that once took lots of time and money to obtain. When companies are looking for top talent, background checks and even a glimpse at someone’s personality is a few clicks away. Technology also provides a mechanism for feedback, facilitates communication, and encourages collaboration between team members.

Though technology can be very helpful in the workplace, it cannot replace culture. There must be a purpose behind it’s use. Employees don’t love their jobs because of technology, they love their organization’s culture.

“Technology is a powerful vehicle—but to be truly effective, it requires the human touch working with the machine, not against the machine” says TMBC CEO Jason Averbook.

Many employers may also view modern technology as a distraction, but that is not always the case. With applications like Slack or Google Drive, employees are able to communicate with more ease than ever before.

Research from Forrester Research reported that by 2016, over 63 million Americans will work virtually. In 2010 this number was only 34 million. According to the PGi Telework Week survey, 82% of workers who telecommute experience less stress, while 80% have higher morale, and 69% missed fewer days of work. Organizations should be encouraged to allow their workers to work virtually as it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.. Some companies with virtual employees have been seen to cut overhead costs and increased employee satisfaction.

Overall, the benefits of technology in the workplace outweigh the drawbacks. At this rate, employee engagement will only increase in the as technology improves and develops.

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