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The Importance of Employer Branding

11/17/17 9:22 AM

These days, in order for a company to grow, attracting and retaining great employees is imperative to a company’s growth. Changes within the economy and labor market have lead to an exchange of power between employers and future employees, increasing the importance of employer branding.

Why is a strong employer brand important?

  • It can be a powerful business tool that can connect an organization’s 
    • Employer/employee strategy
    • Company Values
    • HR policies
  • Currently over 59% of employers say that employer branding represents one of the key components of the organisation’s overall HR strategy.

"Emphasize that your employer brand is not simply a company logo or career page. Instead, it is “the emotional reaction people have to the idea of working for your company.”" -Neil Costa, founder and CEO of HireClix, a boutique digital recruiting firm

How can a strong employer brand benefit my organization?

  • Have an employee value proposition (EVP)
    • This helps communicate a company’s values in order to attract prospective employees that have similar values in a way that highlights what makes that workplace unique
    • Use factors such as company image, identity, and how you want the company to be perceived
  • Internal Feedback
    • What motivates people to join a particular organization, why they stay and why they leave
    • Tools such as employee engagement and culture surveys, focus groups, employee forums, new hire surveys or exit interviews can be useful to gather internal feedback
  • Brand Attractiveness
    • Up to 39% of businesses are expected to increase investment in employment branding strategy this year alone

Importance of a brand’s social media presence

  • Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can show a brand’s personality
  • Platforms such as Glassdoor.com can show how current and past employees feel about the company through leaving reviews. This tool gives a realistic, people-to-people view of the company

“Employment branding influences employees’ willingness to refer the organization and their sense of pride, both of which have huge benefits.” -Don MacPherson, president of human capital consulting firm Modern Survey






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