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Does Laughter Boost Workplace Culture?

Rachel Reed
4/12/21 10:40 AM

Laughter is scientifically proven to release feel-good endorphins, reduce anxiety, form social bonds, and even promote heart health.

When it comes to the workplace, a little bit of humor can have incredible business benefits. One survey even found that 91% of executives believe a good sense of humor is important for career advancement, and 84% believe people with a sense of humor do a better job at work.


Embrace popular culture employees take interest in. Laughing at the same things bonds employees and can improve communication.


The American economy loses $500 billion to workplace stress. Laughter combats stress by activating the release of endorphins in the brain. Imagine what just one round of pealing laughter can do for your employees’ stress levels.

Creativity & Collaboration

Laughter can help people solve problems that demand creative solutions by making it easier to think more broadly and associate ideas more freely. When employees laugh and bond, brainstorming and collaboration comes more organically. Of course work environments which require a more serious tone aren’t as simple to shake up, but encouraging a little humor here and there can prove to be just the little adjustment to kick up productivity and boost morale.


Introducing a bit of light-hearted humor to your workplace culture can not only keep employees satisfied in their roles, but also attract top talent. As a lot of today’s talent is in search of organizations with adequate work-life balance, humor can be one of many keys to success.

Whether you encourage employees to chop it up in the break room or embellish your employee recognition program with a little humor, introducing a touch of laughter to the workplace is a low-cost way to freshen up culture and boost employee engagement


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