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Heed the hump day: 3 strategies to help overcome the Wednesday slump

Rachel Argot
7/1/22 11:16 AM

Monday may be the most dreaded weekday, but Wednesday breeds its own mid-day monsters. It's been a while since I've referenced our 2022 workplace trends piece, so I thought it best to check in on our halfway mark for the year. Keeping your employees engaged can be difficult, especially on the days you can't seem to motivate yourself. However, the following strategies can help you and your team overcome even the highest hump days. 

1. One-on-ones: Give each employee individual attention and time

If you find one employee struggling, focus on their wants and needs. Caring for the person instead of the worker gives employees value outside work. Most likely, at-home issues are the root cause of any distracting behavior. Keep the conversation professional and kind.

Wednesday can be a great day to schedule any one-on-ones. Scheduling meetings in the morning is a great way to kick off a day and check in on ongoing projects- keeping your employees accountable and motivated. 


2. Upskill: Offer opportunities for advancement 

Performing the same task every day can run down even the best employee. So, offer opportunities that increase and promote engagement. While a pay raise or title change can spark inspiration, employees do not necessarily need a pay raise or job title change. Additional training, upskilling, or education can be a better motivator. Investing in the long-term success of your employees is a win-win.

Play games on Wednesday. Keep your employees interested in work by promoting platform features and programs, like Bingo. Use Wednesday as a day to re-assign the coveted employee-of-the-week parking space. Use this day to recognize and reward. 


3. Transparency: Lead with example

  • Be a good example for your employees.
  • Provide consistent, valuable work and be transparent with the details.
  • Showcase an engaging, positive environment, and your workers will begin to mirror your behaviors. 

Open communication with management builds trust and respect. In addition, an "open-door policy" also gives management a chance to hear about issues with departments they may not be in charge of, which can help nix issues before they become worse. 

Use Wednesday to catch employees up with your projects. Allow them to see what kind of issues worked through and show them how you did it. If you're still stuck, be honest! Some employees may have a creative solution and offer their services, solving the problem altogether.   

Don't let old habits die hard. Instead, implement and practice these trends until they become part of your company's everyday workflow. 

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