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Boost Employee Engagement by Encouraging Creativity

Rachel Reed
9/25/19 5:26 PM

Everyone wants to be creative. Regardless of industry and occupation, creativity is something every human can apply and benefit from. Thinking outside the box can do wonders for employee engagement–even just thinking creatively creative generates excitement and passion.

Atlassian recognized the positive effects of creativity on employee engagement and now allows employees to spread their wings with “shipit” - a 24-hour period used for employees to innovate creative solutions within the workplace. From improving customer service to upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, Atlassian employees revel in the challenge and competition, all while improving the health and efficiency of the company.

Gallup identified three factors needed to foster creativity in the workplace, and they are all too rare:

  1. expectations to be creative at work
  2. time to be creative
  3. freedom to take the risks necessary to be creative

The same study found that even when employees strongly agree that they're expected to be creative at work, only 52% of them say they're given time to do so every day, and only 18% of employees strongly agree that they can take risks at work that could lead to important new products, services or solutions.

In fact, people who work where creativity feels supported report higher levels of personal, team and organizational performance, and they are less likely to say they're looking for another job.

A study by Krueger & Killham published by the Gallup Management Journal found that 59% of engaged employees say that their job ‘brings out their most creative ideas’. Of the surveyed employees who were disengaged, only 3% said the same thing.

Empower your people to flex their creative muscles by encouraging input, ideas, and suggestions to grow and improve your business. Whether it’s hospitality, or even finance, give your workforce an opportunity to be heard, and reward them for it. One way to implement a creativity-focused strategy would be to use recognition and rewards to give employees a voice and a platform for sharing it. Like Rewardian’s recognition platform which provides features like Employee Ideas to encourage, manage, and reward employee idea submissions.

When employees are not only heard, but rewarded for sharing ideas to benefit the organization as a whole, they are more likely to be more engaged in, and even enthusiastic about the work they do and the company they do it for. 




Download: How Employee Recognition Influences Attitude & Behavior in the Workplace 

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