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by Rachel Reed, on 1/22/20 3:38 PM

The accounting industry is changing. In 2017, the number one challenge facing the accounting sector was customer acquisition. In 2018, the top challenge switched to finding the right talent to …

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Topics:Accounting Industry

by Rachel Reed, on 1/17/20 11:41 AM

Where do Millennials and Gen Zs stand with their trust, faith, and enthusiasm in the world lately? Deloitte conducted its 2019 Global Millennial survey to find out. Deloitte’s 2019 survey …

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Topics:MillennialsGenerationsGen Z

by Rachel Reed, on 1/9/20 10:18 AM

Historically low unemployment rates, continued advancements in workplace technology, and the rise of inclusive diversity have created the perfect storm for workplace reform. Here are six 2020 workplace trends that …

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Topics:Employee RecognitionEmployee ExperienceGen ZDiversity

by Rachel Reed, on 12/12/19 11:06 AM

Generation Z, the world's youngest generation, is beginning to enter the workforce. Here's what you need to know. Members of Generation Z (born roughly between 1995 and 2010) are entering …

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Topics:Employee RecognitionGenerationsGen Z

by Guest, on 12/3/19 10:26 AM

Conducting surveys, whether your audience is small or large, is always a great decision for your business. It helps you understand how your audience thinks which can help you put …

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Topics:Employee Engagement

by Guest, on 11/21/19 9:45 AM

Just like claiming outstanding payment for a finished project, hiring and retaining skilled workers are among the persistent challenges in the construction industry today. While the industry has added 148,000 …

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Topics:Employee Recognition

by Rachel Reed, on 11/7/19 11:29 AM

The financial services sector is experiencing a pervasive talent and age gap. Financial services is likely to be impacted the most by the expanding talent shortage, facing a global deficit …

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Topics:workplace trendsfinancial services

by Rachel Reed, on 10/31/19 10:19 AM

Giving hard-working employees recognition at the height of end-of-year chaos could set your organization up for a highly engaged, productive, and results-driven 2020. You have Q4 goals to achieve and …

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by Rachel Reed, on 10/17/19 11:33 AM

An office full of engaged employees can certainly boost productivity and morale, but a culture of engagement is only as effective as its managers. Gallup estimates that managers who are …

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Topics:CultureEmployee Engagement

by Kimberly Lyons, on 10/10/19 11:57 AM

Employees who are consistently appreciated by their companies feel more positive and contribute more to their organization’s success. Yet it’s not unusual to find that little time and effort has …

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Topics:Employee Recognition

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